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Day 203 on our 91 Days and Beyond of Intentional Living

Day 203 on our 91 Days and Beyond of Intentional Living - Stronger & Wiser Journey...Today's Devotion: How To Prevent Chaos...Key Verse: I Corinthians 14:33...Background Reading: I Corinthians 12-14...Today's devotion helps us to better understand the ORDER of God that allows us to TAP INTO the EXCELLENCE of shows us how ORDER brings the MANY into HARMONY which allows the BODY to ACCOMPLISH MORE...lastly it reveals for ORDER to happen each person must be WILLING to SUBMIT to AUTHORITY.

1. The LEVEL of MY LOVE keeps CHAOS or CONFUSION from ABOUNDING...Verse 1a (NLT) says, Let love be your highest goal!...meaning the easiest way to PREVENT CHAOS and CONFUSION from being VICTORIOUS is to ALWAYS OPERATE from the POSTURE of LOVE...which means this, LOVE ALLOWS ME TO TAKE THE HIGH ROAD...LOVE KEEPS ME FROM CREATING CHAOS the word CHAOS means complete disorder or be in disarray or disorganized...this means the MY LOVE for GOD will not ALLOW ME to ACCEPT CHAOS as an OUTCOME in MY LIFE...this also means that CHAOS and CONFUSION are signs that I am OPERATING in the FLESH!

2. I must UNDERSTAND that CHAOS is NOT of GOD and has NO PLACE in the HOUSE of GOD...Verse 33 (NLT) says, For God is not a God of disorder but of peace, as in all the meetings of God’s holy people...meaning anytime I ALLOW CHAOS or DISORDER to OPERATE it's a SURE SIGN that God IS NOT in the BUILDING...why because God is a God of PEACE the word PEACE means security, safety, prosperity and harmony...CHAOS and CONFUSION brings into your life the OPPOSITE of who God is because CONFUSION means instability, disturbance or state of disorder...the King James Version says, He is not the AUTHOR of CONFUSION meaning GOD DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO CREATE CONFUSION because CONFUSION IS NOT IN HIS NATURE...He does everything DECENTLY and in ORDER

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