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Youth Ministry

Join Us Today!

Come Join our LFCC youth dept. in our mission to encourage young people to be innovative, creative,​​ bold, and talented leaders that God has created them to be

 Youth Dept. at LFCC

We are excited to introduce our new innovative  and creative youth dept. at LFCC.Our goal is to motivate and encourage our young generation through youth group activities, open lines of communication, mentorship and teaching God's word in a way a child can receive it in todays  time. We also invite the kids to share their talents, goals, interests, and accomplishments as it is our mission to serve a purpose in guiding Gods children into purposeful leaders. Depending on the child's specific interests we currently offer youth dance and draw ministry, we will also be having youth services on the 5th sundays where they can showcase there talents. 


01/25 @ 6:30 pm

Stay tuned for our grand opening of our Friday night chill event.


07/25 -07/27

Join us for our upcoming Vacation Bible School

Old Basketball


Bring your bible and your game for our Basketball O' Fun event.

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